Bath wings Alfie

Bath wings Alfie

12,99 €Prix

Fine bath wings that help in giving the child optimal safety and comfort in the water. The fresh color helps to stimulate the child's interest in water and play.

The bath wings can be inflated with a practical valve that can be pushed into the bath wings so that it does not interfere with play in the water. A popular product for children who need to get used to the water, and who have not yet fully learned to swim themselves.
Use the bath wings in the pool or by the beach.

Wave therapy is designed based on our well-known and popular LED whale. The print, with its hand-drawn ships, waves and whales, helps to create a whole and support our ties to the sea, which gives us an inner peace and inspiration. The print comes in a nice blue version, which for us symbolizes peace, harmony and sincerity.

Recommended age 3-6 years.